The Strategic Commissioning Approach

In progressing the procurement for a project the procurement team can use a strategic commissioning model approach (see Figure 1 below) to determine the outcomes required for the project and/or future services. Please click on the tabs below for further details.


Commissioning Approach


Research and analyse the projects/current services, performance, what else is available in the market and present the findings to help determine the outcomes and priorities needed

Stage 1: Agree Outcomes needed and develop the business case which highlights the benefits for each available option
Stage 2: Develop the procurement strategy to deliver the project or new service arrangements

• Stakeholder Engagement
• Staff & Client Capability Reviews
• Outcomes Assessments
• Improvement Plans
• Assess Contractor capability

• Implement Client Change Programme
• Prepare the tender documents & evaluation
• Formulate the Scoring Matrix
• Procure the Services
• Staff Training & Development

Procurement Management Services

  • Business Cases
  • Procurement & Contract Strategies
  • Procurement Models
  • Comparator Models
  • Affordability
  • PQQ, ITT Models & Documentation
  • Contract Drafting
  • Evaluation Training
  • Moderation and Validation


Quality Price Ratio Analysis. Our analysis demonstrates the cost of a quality point for various ratios based on a contract value of £4 million.