Welcome to RedlRay.

Our services are focused on improving the effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes of businesses and projects. By utilising best practice project and risk management tools, coupled with experience and commercial management capability, we can help you create solutions, raise performance and deliver results. We are committed to fully understanding our clients businesses and thrive on being embedded within their organisation from the start. In this way we can obtain a clear appreciation of its culture, drivers and challenges. Simultaneously we bring the advantage of an independent and objective perspective. We have a proven track record in delivering our clients desired results. All of our services are developed with your requirements at the forefront, and we develop bespoke solutions to achieve these. RedlRay believe that for project and service procurement, and subsequent delivery, to be truly successful they need to be considered and developed as part of the whole asset life cycle.

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Our Services:


RedlRay will identify and suitably quantify risk, to give you peace of mind on where you are most exposed.  To supplement this we also identify potential opportunities using our vast experience in working on live projects and contracts. Our staff training and risk analysis workshops are essential to our clients’ learning.


Using our procurement commissioning model, RedlRay will promote pro-active consultations to ensure there is no “scope creep” which delays programmes and increased cost.  We will work with you to define the exact requirements and develop precise scoring models. .


RedlRay will create a culture which brings certainty on time and cost for the customer and all those involved in delivery. We have proven experience to develop cost databases and we can create bespoke pricing models to suit your requirements. RedlRay will look to promote the best use and development of the NEC3 contract.


Our audits and compliance tests ensure that your projects and contracts are being managed effectively and that Contractors are fulfilling their obligations. Performance and improvement are key to staying on budget and delivering efficiency and on budget.